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2021 TGRA 86 Round 4 SMSP Review

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Well where do I begin.

Mega pace in practice saw us in 2nd in both sessions. Car felt really good on old rubber wasn't too loose in the rear. Could have really done with some more front grip but don't we all.

Qualifying on Saturday afternoon did not go to plan at all. I didn't maximise the new tyre grip and qualified 11th. The car felt really good and a small mistake on my fast lap saw all my time disappear.

Had a great star in Race 1 on Saturday afternoon. Moved up 2 spots on the opening lap and was shaving a really good battle with the others out there. Finished the day on a high with 8th.

Sunday the heavens opened up and was constantly raining all day. The race started behind safety car so we could get temperature in the tyres and brakes. had another mega start moving up to 5thg battling hard with the Toyota invited drivers. I made a mistake in passing them and contact was made. This brought up an ABS fault in the car.

When ABS Faults come up in these cars it cancels the ABS and diverts all brake pressure to the front brakes, so that next lap i had a massive lock up going into turn 1. I ended up hitting the tyre barrier on the outside of turn 1 at 106km/h. Ouch.

My Crew worked tirelessly to get the car out for Race 3. the car required a radiator, radiator supports and a few other parts. Nothing a bit of race tape and cable ties couldn't fix. As we were lining up on the pre race grid, the ABS fault came back and we decided to ere on the side of safety and not race.

Disappointing end to a wicked weekend at Sydney Motorsport Park. Bathurst is next week we have 6 days of racing so its going to be a big one!

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